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  1. Minister Barr: Graffiti management forms part of ACT Budget
  2. Minister Barr: ACT Budget 2015 Announcement:
  3. Minister Barr: New member appointed to UC Council
  4. Minister Barr: More mowing and more cleaning for Canberra?s suburbs
  5. Minister Barr: Renewal of Woden Bus Interchange continues
  6. Minister Barr: Chief Minister officially opens Winyu House and first Access Canberra Service Centre
  7. Minister Barr: ACT Budget 2015 Announcement: $10.7 million education investment to boost Tuggeranong town centre
  8. Minister Barr: Canberrans invited to have their say on taxi industry
  9. Minister Barr: UC reforms attract campus investment and growth
  10. Minister Barr: New Director General for ACT Health
  11. Minister Barr: Canberra Citizen of the Year appointed to Prime Minister?s Advisory Panel to reduce violence against women
  12. Minister Barr: Economic development the focus as Canberra Region unites
  13. Minister Barr: Smart Parking round the corner as consultation begins
  14. Minister Barr: MLAs gather to support breast cancer research
  15. Taste the world’s best coffee in Canberra
  16. Canberra Airport wins Australian Tourism Award
  17. Minister Barr: Joint StudyCanberra-ANU scholarship program for high achieving students
  18. Minister Barr: ACT Government pledges $10,000 to Nepal Earthquake appeal
  19. Minister Barr: Nominations open for inaugural ACT Scientist of the Year Award
  20. Minister Barr: Canberra Milk joins forces with ?We Are CBR?
  21. Minister Barr: First Access Canberra shopfront to open in Gungahlin
  22. Minister Barr: Centenary of Anzac Day
  23. Minister Barr: Signing of the first ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement
  24. Minister Barr: Digital Canberra Challenge award winners
  25. Minister Barr: Floriade reflects on the Centenary of Anzacs
  26. Minister Barr: Standing up for ACT?s jobs, schools and hospitals
  27. Minister Barr: ACT part of national response to overcome domestic violence
  28. Minister Barr: ACT continues to lead the nation on tax reform
  29. Minister Barr: Support for UC and Renmin University partnership
  30. Minister Barr: Chief Minister supports ANU reach into China
  31. Minister Barr: Canberra to host blockbuster Chinese exhibition
  32. Minister Barr: Chief Minister and Mayor of Beijing mark 15th anniversary of sister city relationship
  33. Minister Barr: QantasLink brings new jobs to Canberra
  34. Minister Barr: Canberra Airport wins Australian Tourism Award
  35. Minister Barr: ACT Government extends relationship with Canberra airport
  36. Minister Barr: Real Estate Institute of the ACT announces assistance for ?Mr Fluffy? homeowners
  37. Minister Barr: Canberra community and businesses support ?Mr Fluffy? homeowners

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