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  1. Minister Barr: Showcase of sustainable travel options
  2. Minister Barr: Supporting Canberra's growing space industry
  3. Minister Barr: Statement on incident at ANU
  4. Minister Barr: GymAware named as ACT Exporter of the Year
  5. Minister Barr: More housing supply for Canberra
  6. Minister Barr: ACT Government to pilot new community engagement program
  7. Minister Barr: Further boost for Rent Relief Fund supporting vulnerable households
  8. Minister Barr: New community health services coming to South Tuggeranong
  9. Minister Barr: Incentives for more bulk billing: temporary GP payroll tax exemption to support healthcare access and fairness
  10. Minister Barr: New campaign to promote cost-of-living support available to Canberrans
  11. Minister Barr: NightFest illuminates Floriade’s wonderland
  12. Minister Barr: National Cabinet Statement: ACT’s housing supply response
  13. Minister Barr: Canberra an emerging leader in open source
  14. Minister Barr: Dr Aparna Lal named ACT Scientist of the Year
  15. Minister Barr: Nominations are open for the Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards
  16. Minister Barr: Joint media statement – Chief Minister and Attorney-General
  17. Minister Barr: Shaping the electrification of Canberra
  18. Minister Barr: New ACT jobs target: at least 300,000 jobs in the Territory by 2030
  19. Minister Barr: Tuggeranong, Gungahlin and Belconnen lead sustainable household scheme take up
  20. Minister Barr: Commissioner of ACT Emergency Services Agency announces end of tenure
  21. Minister Barr: Say ‘Ahoy’ to USS Canberra
  22. Minister Barr: Pacific engagement, climate action and aviation connections top of agenda for New Zealand visit
  23. Minister Barr: Aggression or violence: it’s not part of the job
  24. Minister Barr: New hospitals and health centres key to health infrastructure plan
  25. Minister Barr: Visitors flocking to Canberra giving local economy a boost
  26. Minister Barr: Delivering the next generation of infrastructure for Canberra
  27. Minister Barr: 2023-24 ACT Budget: Healthcare, Housing amp; cost of living relief for Canberrans
  28. Minister Barr: ACT Budget to relieve cost of living pressures
  29. Minister Barr: ACT Budget 2023-24: Protecting, conserving and restoring Canberra’s natural environment
  30. Minister Barr: Solar savings on the way for ACT apartment residents
  31. Minister Barr: Free three-year-old preschool for Canberra families
  32. Minister Barr: Government commits to higher indexation rate for Community sector funding
  33. Minister Barr: Budget further invests in a Zero Emissions Canberra
  34. Minister Barr: Further investment in Canberra events and tourism industry
  35. Minister Barr: Second college for Gungahlin at centre of biggest ever infrastructure investment in ACT public schools
  36. Minister Barr: UNSW Canberra City campus master plan approved
  37. Minister Barr: Breaking the cycle: Expanded Drug and Alcohol Court to strengthen rehabilitation efforts
  38. Minister Barr: Major investment to increase housing choice, access and affordability
  39. Minister Barr: Investing in our health workforce now and into the future
  40. Minister Barr: Budget initiatives target homelessness services
  41. Minister Barr: Significant investment in ACT Policing
  42. Minister Barr: National Multicultural Festival receives funding boost
  43. Minister Barr: ACT welcomes significant Commonwealth housing investment
  44. Minister Barr: Investment flows for Stromlo Forest Park with new track and sponsorship
  45. Minister Barr: More emergency services for Molonglo Valley
  46. Minister Barr: ACT Budget 23-24: Walking and cycling get big boost with active travel investment
  47. Minister Barr: A Floral Wonderland for Canberra this spring
  48. Minister Barr: Building a stronger mental health system for Canberrans
  49. Minister Barr: ACT Budget 23-24: Parks, public spaces and recreational infrastructure to support Canberran’s wellbeing
  50. Minister Barr: Statement on Supreme Court decision

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