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Moving to a new home or office involves careful planning and organisation, especially when it comes to packing your belongings. Having the right packaging supplies ensures that your items are packed securely and arrive at their destination safely. Whether you're moving across town or across the country, here are ten essential packaging supplies you'll need:

1. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are fundamental for packing and transporting your belongings. Choose a variety of box sizes to accommodate different items:

  • Small Boxes: Ideal for books, office supplies, and small electronics.
  • Medium Boxes: Versatile for kitchenware, toys, and clothing.
  • Large Boxes: Suitable for bedding, pillows, and bulky items like lamps.

Ensure you have sturdy, double-walled boxes for fragile items to provide extra protection during the move.

2. Packing Tape

High-quality packing tape is essential for sealing boxes securely. Opt for durable tape that adheres well to cardboard and won't peel off during transit. Seal the bottom and top seams of each box with tape to prevent items from falling out or shifting.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is indispensable for protecting fragile and delicate items from bumps and shocks. Wrap individual items such as glassware, ceramics, and electronics in bubble wrap to cushion them. You can also use bubble wrap to fill empty spaces inside boxes to prevent items from moving around.

4. Packing Paper

Packing paper, also known as newsprint or butcher paper, is perfect for wrapping items that don’t require as much cushioning but still need protection. Use packing paper to wrap dishes, utensils, and other kitchen items to prevent scratches and breakage. It's also useful for filling gaps in boxes to provide additional support.

5. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets, also called furniture pads, are thick, padded blankets designed to protect furniture, appliances, and large items from scratches and dents. Wrap and cover furniture pieces with moving blankets to shield them from damage during transport in the moving truck.

6. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is versatile for bundling items together that are difficult to box individually. Use stretch wrap to secure drawers in dressers, wrap furniture legs to prevent scratches, or bundle loose items together for easier handling. It’s also useful for keeping moving blankets in place.

7. Mattress Covers

Protect mattresses and box springs from dirt, dust, and moisture with plastic mattress covers. These covers fit snugly around mattresses to keep them clean during the move and prevent damage from spills or tears.

8. Labeling Supplies

Stay organised by labeling each box with its contents, destination room, and handling instructions. Use permanent markers or adhesive labels to clearly mark boxes. This ensures that movers or helpers know where to place boxes in your new home or office, and helps you prioritise unpacking.

9. Box Cutters or Utility Knives

Keep box cutters or utility knives handy for cutting packing tape, opening boxes, and trimming materials as needed during the packing and unpacking process. A sharp blade ensures clean cuts and makes the packing process more efficient.

10. Furniture Dollies or Hand Trucks

Invest in furniture dollies or hand trucks to transport heavy boxes and furniture safely. These tools reduce strain on your back and make it easier to maneuver bulky items through doorways and onto the moving truck. Choose dollies with straps or bungee cords to secure items in place.


Having the right packaging supplies is essential for a successful and stress-free move. From sturdy cardboard boxes and packing tape to protective materials like bubble wrap and moving blankets, these essential supplies help ensure that your belongings are packed securely and arrive safely at your new destination. By investing in quality packaging materials and planning ahead, you can streamline the packing process, minimise the risk of damage to your items, and make your move as organised and efficient as possible.

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