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We get it: the last place you want to find yourself is making a compensation claim. Whether an individual caused you harm, the doctor did wrong or your workplace let you down with some seriously negligent behaviour, it’s a frustrating situation that we wish we could all avoid!

But, unfortunately, you may be reading this because you have to make a compensation claim against an individual or organisation, and you need the best team at your disposal. If you want to make a claim but are struggling financially (especially as a result of the incident!) then you may be eligible to enlist no win no fee representation, ensuring you won’t have to pay your legal team unless you receive the winning result.

But to find the best team in the industry, you must do your research, and here are a few tips to securing the perfect representation available:

  1. They have a solid industry reputation

Obviously, you don’t want to go with a team that regularly lets its clients down! The best no win no fee compensation lawyer Canberra has will have a solid industry reputation and it’s easy to find out if they do. The best place to start is with their Google reviews: do they have a list of clients attesting to their ability to get that all-important win? Or, do their former clients say that they struggled to get the job done, and only wasted their time for an unwanted result?

Once you have found a prospective team who has solid Google reviews, the next thing you have to do is consult that team and ask them about client testimonials. The legal field is one where client reference plays a massive part in finding the right team - you should be able to consult your prospective team for references.

Claims law is a complex field and should only be undertaken by industry professionals, be sure that they are a firm who knows the industry and can provide you with sound legal advice at every step of the process!

  1. Have they been in the industry for a long time?

Experience is essential when it comes to any field of law, and claims law is absolutely no exception! So, who are you going to choose: a team who has years of experience in providing their clients with happy outcomes? Or a team who appears to have just shown up in the game, and who doesn’t know the difference between a compensation claim and a common law claim?

There is no reason why a legal firm should tell you they have industry experience and then let you down when it comes down to the crunch - ensure you are enlisting a team who truly has the credentials to take your claim to a winning outcome!

  1. They can get started on your case without delay

Obviously, you don’t want to choose a team who has too much time on their hands, but you also don’t want to choose one that doesn’t have any time for you. Of course, you can inquire as to how busy they are and if they are ready to go to work on your behalf, but you should expect that they can go to work pretty soon after your request.

If the firm is too busy for you then you might find that they don’t put in the effort to get that all-important win - so be sure that they are up to the challenge and when you need them to be!

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