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Once you have identified a competent solicitor who will work diligently on your case, you may begin to consider the best route to proceed.

Before you step into the solicitor's office for your first session, you should prepare a list of questions so that you feel comfortable during the case and don't get anxious because f the lack of knowledge.

Here are the most critical questions to ask your solicitor during your first consultation:

  • Are you in favor of the mediation procedure?

It may seem counterintuitive to ask a
Dandenong Family Lawyers this question if your spouse is unwilling to mediate. Still, it may reveal a great deal about their attitude to the divorce process.

In their experience, lawyers who support the mediation process are mediators or collaborative professionals who prefer a cooperative conclusion over a contentious one.

  • Will other individuals be involved in my divorce case?

When meeting with an solicitor, it is typical to believe that they will be the only person you deal with, but this is seldom the case.

The lawyer you retain may also have an associate or paralegal working on your behalf.

Ensure that you meet all of the main actors you will be engaging with to determine whether you are comfortable with your solicitor and the whole team.

  • Who will be my solicitor?

Similarly, you may meet with a divorce solicitor, feel comfortable with them, and sign their retainer agreement, only to discover that your real solicitor is an acquaintance or colleague of the person you spoke with.

Ask the prospective Geelong Family Lawyers specifically who will be providing you with legal advice and defending you in court.

  • Do you know the family law counsel retained by my spouse?

What are your thoughts about them?

Why is this essential?

If they do and have an excellent working connection with that individual, the settlement might occur more quickly.

If you pick a local divorce solicitor, they will likely be familiar with your spouse's counsel. And you want to ensure that they can work together and not butt heads, which might prolong the process due to their inability to get along.

  • Are you acquainted with the judges of the local family court?

If you must go to court, your solicitor should know which judge they like and how that judge and the other family court judges in that division are likely to decide on a given problem.

  • Will you ask me whether I'm on board with your legal strategy before developing and implementing it?

You have the option of being informed about your solicitor's plan.

However, before hiring a lawyer to represent you, you should ensure that you and your solicitor are on the same page.

  • Have you ever negotiated child support or divorce settlements in a situation comparable to mine?

If a
Family lawyers Adelaide specializes in divorce, they should naturally have expertise in navigating the fundamentals of a:

  • * Parenting Plan;
  • * Child Assistance;
  • * Alimony / Spousal Maintenance; and
  • * Distribution of Marital Assets

However, suppose you have a more complicated divorce case (including a company, substantial assets, a kid with special needs, a military divorce, etc.). In that case, you should ensure that your family and divorce solicitor has enough expertise with these unique complications.

  • Do you practice collaborative divorce?

The collaborative procedure is a combination of mediation and regular divorce litigation.

Each divorced spouse and their separate collaborative solicitor sign a contract committing to employ cooperative conflict resolution strategies as opposed to aggressive efforts to address the divorce difficulties.

  • What is the size of your legal firm?

Divorce law businesses range from lone practitioners to thousands of employees.

Perhaps you're considering a single practitioner.

While these specialists may be more cost-effective due to lesser overhead and they may be able to give you more customized service, their lack of support personnel may leave you in the dark, or they may be slow to reply to your inquiries.

  • How will I be kept up to speed on the status of my divorce case?

Your level of participation in your divorce procedures is entirely up to you.

Some individuals want to know every detail, no matter how minute. Others might like to be informed just of the most noteworthy changes.


Ensure that your solicitor understands how informed you want to be and is prepared to work with you accordingly.

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