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Released 04/12/2021

The ACT Government is investing in projects and programs to support a strong and sustained economic recovery for our city.

The ACT Government’s Recovery Plan brings together the key measures that are already underway to ensure a sustainable, and equitable recovery for the ACT.

We entered the lockdown on the back of a strong economic performance in 2020-21 thanks to the Government interventions that supported our economy. Real Gross State Product grew 2.8 per cent, our 31st year of continuous growth and the third highest growth of any jurisdiction in Australia.

The government has worked in partnership with the Canberra community over the last two years through natural disasters and the global pandemic to protect Canberrans’ health, support our most vulnerable, and improve access to essential services.

Now our focus is building our economic, social, and community recovery.

Our successful health response, which positions Canberra as one of the most-vaccinated cities in the world, means people can spend and invest here with confidence.

We can see the “V shaped” recovery is underway.

Retail trade for the month of October rose 20.2 per cent in the ACT.

We anticipate this will continue to recover strongly in the lead up to Christmas.

Almost all industries saw an increase in employee jobs in the fortnight to 16 October 2021 with Accommodation and food services (up 12.3 per cent) and Arts and recreation services (up 7.9 per cent) experiencing the largest rises as they prepared for re-opening.

A core component of our recovery is a $6.4 billion investment over five years in city-improving, job creating infrastructure: building new health facilities, public transport, roads, and schools to make Canberra an even better place to live.

Increasing social and community wellbeing will be another key part of our recovery, supported by large investments in health and education services, community support, public safety, arts and culture.

The ACT Government will continue working with the community to make sure Canberra returns even stronger, together.

The ACT’s Recovery Plan is available here.

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Section: Andrew Barr, MLA | Media Releases

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