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Released 09/11/2021 - Joint media release

With the ACT reaching 95% of the eligible population fully vaccinated – one of the highest levels of vaccination in the world, the next stage of the ACT’s Pathway Forward has been brought forward to 11:59pm on Thursday 11 November 2021.

From this time, there will be no more limits on home visits or informal outdoor gatherings.

Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues with fixed seating will be able to host events at 100% seated capacity.

Restrictions on cinemas and swimming pools will be relaxed.

Organised sport can recommence with 1 per 2 sqm in indoor settings.

The ACT will move to a default one person per two square metre density limit (1 per 2 sqm) across most indoor settings and industries, including hospitality and retail.

No density limits will apply in outdoor spaces for most activities and events will be able to have more people before requiring an exemption.

Drinking while standing will be permitted at licenced venues, cafes and restaurants.

Nightclubs can reopen. Dancing is back.

These baseline measures are anticipated to remain in place over the Christmas period and will be reviewed in late January 2022.

Progressively over the weeks ahead, and at the start of 2022, many businesses operating under work from home arrangements will return to the office.

Face masks will only be required in high risk settings, such as hospitals and aged care facilities, on public transport, and in schools and some businesses settings. However, wearing a face mask is a simple and practical way to minimise transmission of the virus, and the Government will be encouraging Canberrans to continuing wearing face masks indoors in crowded settings.

Travel exemption requirements will stay in place for designated, high risk geographical areas across the country. The existing high risk geographical areas will be reviewed this week, with any changes to come into effect from 12 November.

Canberrans should be incredibly proud of how our city has responded to the pandemic.

More than 370,000 adult and teenage Canberrans have been fully vaccinated.

Canberrans now have a lot to look forward to in our city over the summer months as we enter this new phase of our pandemic response.

But the pandemic isn’t over and we still need to look out for each other. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell and get tested if you have any COVID symptoms.

- Statement ends -

Section: Andrew Barr, MLA | Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA | Media Releases

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