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Released 14/08/2021 - Joint media release

The ACT Government has responded quickly to provide emergency food relief for Canberrans in need during this seven-day snap lockdown.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that this initiative will provide free food and essential items for Canberrans who are in urgent need of support during the snap lockdown.

“I am pleased to confirm that we have partnered with the Community Info Hub through VolunteeringACT and the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ACTESA) to urgently stand up access to food and essential items for those Canberrans who are unable to feed themselves or their family,” Chief Minister said.

“This is a critical response by the ACT Government and is available to any members of our community who are in urgent need of support in the form of food relief.  Ongoing monitoring of this service will occur over the coming seven days to determine if further food relief is provided.”

Minister responsible for Community Recovery and Emergency Relief Emma Davidson said this rapid measure will ensure that people in need will have greater access to essentials.

“There are people in our community, such as people with disability and older Canberrans, who are more likely to face barriers to accessing groceries which is why it’s critical we support people in need to receive essential items during this time.” Minister Davidson said.

“Any Canberran who is significantly and adversely impacted by this seven-day lockdown can call VolunteeringACT on 1800 43 11 33 between 9am and 5pm daily. Callers will be linked with a staff member from Volunteering ACT who will place a shopping order on their behalf. Members of the ACTESA will then collect their order and deliver it to them.

“This initiative takes learnings from the Canberra Relief Network to make sure people in need are better supported during this time.”

- Statement ends -

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