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  • Written by Suzanne Colville

30 April 2015

Search for Australia’s best takeaway restaurant - Entries open for Tasty Takeaway Awards 2015

On 1 May 2015, Australia’s largest online and mobile ordering service for takeaway food, Menulog.com.au, will launch its search for Australia’s best takeaway restaurant, as part of its annual Tasty Takeaway Awards.

The premier awards for takeaway restaurants, now in their fourth year, nationally recognise takeaway establishments that provide great-tasting food, good value for money and superior customer service. 

Over 5000 restaurants – listed on Menulog – will encourage their customers to log on to Menulog to vote for them as the best takeaway outlet. Votes will be totalled to announce one national winner, in addition to winners in NSW/ ACT, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. 

Awards will also be given to the restaurants with the most votes in each local area[i] as listed on Menulog. This will be broken down by cuisine category, so that customers know what restaurants lead the way when it comes to their favourite dishes.

Menulog spokesperson Julia Snabl explains, “Restaurants will be voted by the general public. These awards then help us determine what takeaway restaurants are performing well, and give winners credibility in the eyes of existing and new customers. They also provide insight into what Australians seek from their takeaway suppliers, and offer friendly competition among those restaurant owners who hope to be crowned takeaway king or queen.”

To vote, Australians must log on to Menulog.com.au and select their favourite restaurant. In doing so, they will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win $12,000 cash or $300 in vouchers, to be used on the website.

The Tasty Takeaway Awards National Winner 2015 will receive one delivery scooter, $7000 cash and free marketing promotion to the value of $30,000 from Menulog.com.au. Each Tasty Takeaway Awards State Winner will also win a delivery scooter, plus free marketing promotion to the value of $5,000.

Award categories for each local area include Best Indian, Best Thai, Best Italian/Pizza, Best Chinese and Other.

Tasty Takeaway Award voting begins 1 May and ends 30 June 2015. For more information please visit www.menulog.com.au/takeawayawards  

About Menulog.com.au
Menulog.com.au is Australia’s number one for online and mobile takeaway, with nearly 34 million meals ordered in Australia to date and 110,000 customer reviews. With more than 5000 participating restaurants offering more than 130 different cuisines and over 16,000 special offers at any given time, Menulog also offers Australia’s most comprehensive range of meal options on a single platform.




[i]  Local areas are determined by Menulog search categories as listed on www.menulog.com.au. In order to create a level playing field among city and regional restaurants, local areas are split into two categories: Area 1 category (restaurants are eligible for this category if there are 10 or more restaurants in their minor region according to the Menulog.com.au database) and Area 2 category (restaurants are eligible for this category if there are 9 or less restaurants in their minor region according to the Menulog.com.au database).

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