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Do you feel as though you have few interests or hobbies outside of work? If you have no variety in your routine you may feel as though you are in an endless cycle of working and sleeping.

Even if you have one of the most important jobs in the world you may be seeking fulfilment elsewhere. Without things to break up your everyday routine, you may feel like something is missing in your life. Here are some ways to have more variety in your life.

Take Up a Hobby

Have you always wanted to take up a hobby or learn something new? If you feel like you need more variety in your life taking up a new hobby can be a great way to add some enjoyment and variety into your routine. Everyone has time for a hobby no matter how busy they are. A hobby can be a great way to take some me-time and do something for yourself that isn’t scrolling through your phone. Examples of popular hobbies include learning an instrument, sewing, playing a sport, reading and cooking. A hobby can give you a great sense of achievement and fulfilment in your life and it is an excellent way to become an expert at something that you love.

Join a Social Group

Even if you have a solid group of friends a social group is a fantastic way to meet people with shared interests. For example, if you love a particular board game or videogame you could meet up regularly with like-minded players on a regular basis and bond over your love of the game. Similarly, if you enjoy a particular movie or book franchise you can join a club to meet people with the same interests as you. This will allow you to embrace your interests and meet new people who love the same things that you do.

Travel and Learn About Different Cultures

Travelling is an excellent way to shake out of your everyday routine. Exploring different places can give you a new perspective on the world and will introduce you to how different people work and live. Travelling can teach you a lot of life lessons. It forces you to leave your comfort zone, try new cuisines, speak to new people, discover new cultures and learn about the world around you.

You will learn the most from travelling if you travel to places outside of your comfort zone and to places where you don’t speak the language. This will force you to interact with strangers, and learn about local customs and phrases so that you can navigate your way around.

Read More, Watch More and Keep Up With Current Events

When people discuss current events and popular culture do you tend to join in or do you tend to tune out? People often connect by discussing current events and sharing interests in popular culture. Having a vast knowledge of popular culture, literature and current events will make you more relatable and more interesting to speak to. There is more to life than the work-eat-sleep cycle and you will learn a lot about the world through the media around you. You may even try reading books that normally wouldn’t interest you or watching movies that you wouldn’t normally be drawn to. You may end up discovering something new that you love. If you’ve previously disregarded a movie because it requires subtitles give it a try. You may surprise yourself.

Treat Yourself

Self-care is so important. Many people give all their energy to their careers and families and put themselves last. Try to take some time every day to do something for yourself such as exercising, eating well, meditating, going to therapy or doing something that you love. Taking some much-needed me-time can be a great way to enrich your life and make you learn about yourself.


In summary, having variety in your life can be extremely gratifying. Having a variety of interests and hobbies will make you a more interesting and fulfilled individual overall. Life is more than just working, eating and sleeping. Everyone has time for more variety in their life. If you can spend hours each week scrolling through your phone you have time to pursue something that you truly love so what are you waiting for? Get out there and try something new and out of your comfort zone.

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