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Responsive mobile app design offers many advantages over creating separate apps for each screen size and it's becoming more important for businesses not to invest in a responsive mobile app. This post outlines the importance of mobile responsive design and details exactly how you can benefit from having one.

Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps to Mobile Websites

A majority of consumers prefer using a mobile app to conduct a search on their smartphones than they do visiting a mobile website, according to a new study from Tapad, an advertising technology platform. The study found that 55% of consumers prefer using a mobile app while only 44% prefer using a mobile website. The remaining 1% said they didn't know or had no preference.

Mobile apps have the ability to work offline.

The biggest advantage of mobile apps is that they can be used on your phone, even when you are not connected to the internet. You can use them in a plane or train, at work or at home. You don't need an internet connection to use them at all!

This feature is called offline support and it's something that websites and web apps cannot do yet.

Mobile apps have better performance.

Mobile apps are built using native code, which means that they can run more efficiently than web apps. They also take advantage of the device’s hardware, like its GPU and CPU, making them faster and more responsive than their web counterparts.

In addition to being more efficient, mobile apps are often designed to work offline and handle intermittent connectivity better than a website or web app. For example, if you go into an area with poor Wi-Fi coverage or no cellular connection at all (e.g., underground subway stations), most mobile apps will continue working without interruption. This is not the case for a website or web app that requires an active internet connection to function properly.

They take advantage of a device’s features and functionality.

Mobile apps take advantage of a device’s features and functionality. A mobile app is built to run on a smartphone or tablet with the same capabilities as a desktop or laptop computer, but in a much smaller package. Mobile apps are often used to replace websites because they can provide the same information that a website can, but they also offer additional features and functionality that users may find useful.

Mobile apps provide better personalization, plus greater ease of use compared to mobile websites.

The mobile app experience is more personalized than a website, because it can tailor content and features to each individual user. This is thanks to the app's ability to collect information about its users and then use that information in a variety of ways.

Takeaway: The cost of building a mobile app is more than worth it in the long run. If you also want a popular and designed app for your business then you need to hire professional mobile app developer or company.

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