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The benefits of a successful move are highlighted by moving plans drafted to ensure the safety of the items being moved. Every item has a particular plan and procedure taken to ensure its safety. This is particularly true for musical instruments. Musical instruments need to be carefully protected when moving to ensure that it does not get damaged in the process.

This article will highlight how to safely pack and move a violin without compromising the violin’s quality by providing details on the items needed for the move and some guidelines to assist you.

Materials needed for packing a violin when moving house

There are specific items used to ensure the violin’s safety when preparing for a move. These items include:

  1. Violin case: This is used to protect the violin from having direct contact with any substance that can damage its quality.

  2. Packing box: This should be at least 4mm thick and is used to store the violin case offering extra violin protection.

  3. Bubble wraps: This wrapped around the violin’s case and bows before placing them in a packing box.

  4. Packing paper: This should be blank, soft, and acid-free. It is used to wrap delicate areas of the violin.

  5. PVC tubes: These items are specially designed to house and protect violin bows; thus, use these items to pack your violin’s bows.

  6. Packing peanut: This is used to offer the violin padding when placed inside the packing box and control temperature change.

  7. Packing tape: It is used to seal the moving box and secure the bubble wraps so it does not unfold.

  8. Marker: This is used to label the packing boxes for easy identification.

Steps to packing a violin when moving house

  1. Prepare packing materials: Ensure that all packing materials for the violin are in excellent condition. When the materials are in poor condition, the violin can quickly get damaged.

  2. Packing the violin in its case: When packing a violin, you should be conscious of the factors that can cause damage. One of these factors is a temperature change; thus, to keep this factor in check. Loosen the violin’s strings not to be too loose and not too tight, place wrapping paper beneath the strings such that the violin’s bridges are protected, place the violin in its case and fasten its neck to the case, add wrapping paper in the casing to make the violin firm, and cover a piece of cloth over the violin before closing the violin case.

  3. Packing the violin s bows: loosen the violin’s bows strings before placing them in PVC tubes, and place the tubes in the violin s case. Wrap the violin’s case with bubble wrap and fasten the bubble wrap together using packing tape.

  4. Pack the violin’s case in a moving box: Fill the box with packing peanuts before placing the case in the moving box. Add packing peanuts to the box till it is complete. Seal the packing box with packing tape and label appropriately.

  5. You can choose to pack the bows separately by packing the PVC tubes in a moving box similar to how you packed the violin’s case.


The primary advantage of knowing how to pack a violin for a move is that the same step can be used in packing a viola and a cello.

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