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More and more people are driving cars, especially considering the new affordable compact and eco-friendly cars which are suitable for a day-to-day drive around the city. However, safety regulations are more and more demanding, since we have to ensure that the risk of causing traffic accidents is down to a minimum. These modern regulations are integrated online and called E-safety inspection because of that. These inspections are mandatory in most developed countries like Australia, and many people dread going in for an inspection. However, you do not have to worry, here are a few amazing tips on how to prepare for your E-safety inspection.

Check your fluids

In order for the entire car to function properly and drive safely for a long period of time, it is absolutely necessary to have fresh fluids such as engine oil, lubricants and other fluids necessary for washing the windshield. Most of these substances are designed to keep all the mechanical parts running safely and reliably. The number one factor for preventing engine failure is to make sure that the engine oil levels are sufficient. This inexpensive check will make sure that the powerhouse of your car that is the engine, stays in an optimal working condition.

Check if your seatbelts are functional

One of the crucial pieces of equipment on a car that keeps the driver safe are seat belts. Airbags are nice, but you really do not want to be in a situation where an airbag is necessary. Seatbelts function properly if they are responsive to even the slightest force or jolt. They are designed to keep you in your seat in a case of a collision, no matter how forceful that may be. An easy way to test the function of your seatbelts is to yank them down firmly and once you do that, they should lock up and prevent any further movement. This is such an easy step on your checklist, that it could be done daily.

Make your headlights a priority

In Europe keeping headlights on during the day is mandatory, however in Australia that is not the case, however it is highly recommended, this is a reason more for concern that your headlights are not left neglected and in poor condition. That is why you can get an amazing E-safety check in Sydney, where professionals can quickly make sure that your headlights and signal lights are working perfectly. You no longer have to worry about waiting because the booking process and the inspection results are all available online.

Check your tires

There is nothing more in direct contact with the road than the tires themselves, that is why they are constantly subject to damage and wear and tear. Oftentimes, the tires are just about to burst without the driver even noticing, this is why this is a crucial step during your E-safety inspection. Another thing to take into account is the amount of tread on the tire, worn out tires will not likely pass the inspection.

Take a good look at your engine

The heart of the whole machine is the engine. It has many risk factors. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to several things, most of which are already part of your regular maintenance routine like changing the oil. Sometimes that is not enough, and you have to take into consideration any potential noise or leaks. If something is not working properly overheating and an increased fuel consumption are both dead giveaways.

Beware of rust

Considering the car’s body might seem trivial and only a thing of pure aesthetics, however a good rust-free vehicle body will ensure the structural integrity of your entire car. This means that the car will be well balanced and will be robust enough for a long-term use, it also protects other parts such as the chassis and the wheels.

Owning a car is definitely a benefit, because it allows us more freedom of movement. However, this amazing benefit comes with a responsibility of taking a close look at your vehicle before an E-safety inspection. Some things to keep in mind are: having proper levels of fluids, checking the seatbelts, headlights and tires as well as taking a good look at your engine and the body of the vehicle.

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