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  • Written by Ariana Mortenson

Summer has arrived in Australia. That means it's time for garden parties and quiet lounging. So, how do you plan to keep yourself entertained this summer? You may use your deck for your next summer party if you have one. Winter, on the other hand, would have been brutal on your decks.

The good news is wood is a robust material. With a little knowledge and tools, you can lease a new life to your deck. Additionally, the five signs will tell you that your deck needs repairing. You can hire professionals to address the issue.

If not, then follow this maintenance guide to make your deck summer-ready.

  1. Wash the Deck

Cleaning, the most basic step, can make a significant impact on the quality of your deck. At the very least, cleaning your deck will assist you in determining what has to be done next.

So, kick start your deck cleaning project by pulling out debris and other dry substance from your deck via a brush. Repair screws or nails that are peeping out. After that, continue the process and wash it using a pressure washer. In case you’re not aware, it’s far more efficient than using a mop to clean your deck.

Lastly, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. After drying, assess the state of the stain or paint covering of your deck. Engage cleaners to assist you. Brisbane professional cleaners can help.

  1. Sand the Deck

If the decking boards are rough and/or abused by the sun, sanding them prior to refinishing is highly advised. However, if the deck surface is in a good state, merely sand the railings and discoloured spots. In order to avoid sharpness, smoothening the handrails is a must.

Furthermore, make sure you pick the appropriate grit of sandpaper for optimum results. You’d require at least 60- or 80-grit sandpaper for deck boards and 80- or 100-grit for handrails.

After you’ve finished sanding, vacuum the surfaces carefully. Remember, washing your deck again will elevate the wood grain and roughen the just sanded surface.

  1. Repair Damaged Boards

After sanding and washing, examine your deck for broken boards. If you come across any, make a note of it. However, be sure that you don’t mark the spot that’s directly over a joist or can harm your saw during cutting.

Take a jigsaw, remove the nails and screws and cut the damaged wood. After that, secure a 2-by-4 inch support block to the joist using deck screws. Replace the old boards with new ones by the support block.

If this step seems harder, don’t hesitate to call in professionals. They will quickly and efficiently replace the damaged boards, adding value to money.

  1. Reseal the Deck

Do you have a deck that is more than a decade old? Do you know you can still get the most out of your deck? Yes, reseal the deck. A coating solution, such as a decking stain, oil or coating, will do wonders.

There are several brands on the market that accomplish the job without discolouring the boards. So, choose a decking finish that will provide excellent effects while also being cost-effective.

Amongst many, there are semi-transparent stains that enable the wood grain to make it visible through the stain. Furthermore, there are also water-based oil and oil-based versions available. Although the ease of washing provided by water-based stains is appealing, most experts say that water-based exterior stains do not last as long as oil-based treatments and do not penetrate the wood fibres as well.

However, remember you need to regularly oil your deck. That way, you can shield your deck from water, dirt and costly repairs.

Prep For the Party!

Following the deck care methods outlined above, you've completed the first and most crucial step in making your outdoor party a success. Now, get ready for a garden party and enjoy yourself!

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