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Being nice, or being kind, are topics that are interchangeable, but in reality that is very similar. Kindness goes far deeper with many different layers including empathy, compassion, and generosity. When you are facing a cruel world, a great deal of effort is put into being kind because it does take emotional strength. It is a choice that anyone can make.

Kindness can lower your stress

When discussing stress, cortisol is a topic that often comes up. It is a stress hormone that is produced in your body in emotional situations, and it must appear. Our body is placed into fight or flight mode to survive. However, continuous stressful situations can lead to negative effects if this hormone is not contained. By being kind, your home or levels for cortisol will return to normal and get you back to a balanced state.

Kindness can boost your self-esteem

There is often a bounce-back effect that is reported by others that are kind to others. It is sometimes referred to as the "helper's high". If you are kind to other people, you are flooded with positive energy and sometimes happy feelings about yourself. This can boost your self-esteem and if you remain optimistic, you can often become more productive.

Many studies have been done regarding kindness toward people that you do not know and this can have a much larger effect on how you boost your self-esteem, opposed to simply being nice to family and friends.

Kindness will boost your productivity levels

If you want to be more productive, kindness is the best thing that you can use to get more work done! It does go against the tough love principles that so many people discuss. Tough love is nothing more than a toxic attitude, one that involves being domineering, and this is the case with over 50,000 individuals and 3500 businesses that prove that praise is more likely to lead to higher productivity levels and lower turnover rates. If kindness can help you improve your well-being, it is also going to help you make a positive impact in the world and your work environment.

Kindness creates more leaders

Empathy toward others can lead to kindness, but it's also a good trait for a leader to have. If you have a good leader helping you, they are often empathetic to a fault, understanding how people are feeling. They also understand that treating people with respect and dignity is important. In turn, these individuals will respect and trust them and will often remain loyal.

Kind helps kids at school

Kindness has been shown to have very positive effects within the school system, an environment that can often be very toxic. Adults within this setting should show traits like generosity and empathy, and this can combat bullying very effectively. Kids will also feel much more safe and confident while they are there, plus their social connections will improve.

Kindness can set kids up for a more positive future

Younger kids, if at all possible, need to have a positive life to have a positive future. If they grow up in an environment flooded with kindness, they are likely to avoid problems later in life such as doing drugs and going to prison. If kids show kindness to other people, they can also benefit from this, plus it's going to help them reduce antisocial behaviors and there will be a dramatic shift in aggression levels. Kids that focus on kindness often do so with their friends, but if they do so with strangers and family members, this can be much more helpful.

Kindness is very contagious

The final thing to say about kindness is that it can become contagious. When people use this as part of their social behaviors, they can benefit by simply paying it forward. This ripple effect will occur where more people will also show kindness to others. It is a positive form of what is often called peer pressure. Therefore, this "helper's high" is a catalyst for encouraging people to simply be kind to one another. If it feels good, most humans will want to continue with that pattern or behavior.

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