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Plants have universal beauty. However, there is much more than meets the eye. Besides their lovely appearance, there are many advantages for keeping plants indoors.

Lots of studies have been done on how interior landscaping benefits the space and the occupants. It improves the environment in subtle ways, making it more peaceful and relaxing. As a result, it improves the experience of the people who walk around and use this space.

Plants support a sense of well-being and make the space less stressful

It is a natural human reaction to feel more relaxed and calm when there are plants in space. The plants are alive, and in a way, they stimulate our senses, but in a calm and quiet way. Researchers in academia have studied this phenomenon extensively and have all concluded that occupants in space feel better when there are plants in their environment.

For example, in an office setting with interior landscaping, employees take less time off due to illness, make fewer errors on the job, and are more productive. Overall, they are happier. In a hospital, bringing a bit of nature to the hospital environment has positive effects on the patients' recovery. In schools, some studies even show that students learn better when their school environment is enhanced by more plants.

Plants help purify the air

Many scientists agree that plants have a beneficial effect on the air quality indoors by combating the Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS.

SBS has not been attributed to one cause, but to a combination of indoor factors including bad air quality, poor control of humidity and lighting, and too much distracting noise.

Plants are living things. Plants "breathe" when the leaves go through an exchange of water and gases in their environment. As a result, they can assist with certain air quality issues.

The benefits to the living space include:

- Decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the air

- Increasing the level of humidity

- Decreasing the level of other harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide and benzene

- Decreasing the level of dust particles in the air

- Helping the space maintain a cooler temperature

- Absorbing excess background noise

One reason why busy streets are often landscaped with trees is to cut down the noise from traffic. Along the same lines, studies have shown that plants placed indoors can decrease the background noise in the building. The plant and leaves can absorb or disburse noise in the background so the occupants will experience less excessive noise. This is especially useful when the space is surrounded by hard surfaces because these spaces are acoustically sensitive and the plants can dampen sound bouncing off from the hard surfaces.

It is well-known that taking a walk outdoors among the trees and nature can reduce anxiety and stress. This connection to nature is strong and is programmed into the human mind. Bringing a bit of nature indoors by interior landscaping can achieve comparable benefits. Researchers continue to explore if placing more plants in the hospital can help patients cope with their pain more effectively.

Plants can improve the level of humidity in indoor space by regularly releasing water vapor which humidifies an otherwise dry environment. People who suffer from respiratory problems, allergy issues, and dry skin greatly benefit from a higher level of humidity in the air. During the winter season when heaters are turned on, air can become exceptionally dry. However, plants can combat this drying effect and bring the humidity level back in balance.

The improved air quality has profound benefits to people's energy level, ability to focus, and mood. Many studies showed that employee performance usually improved when there were plenty of plants in their workspace. It is not surprising that many modern office buildings now incorporate nature and forest elements into their office design. This interior design approach is not just attractive, but it improves how people feel and how they work. 

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