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  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Body shapes with tight lifted skin and shiny appearance will make your self-confidence of the highest level. Choose ADONIS Body contouring surgery to experience individual care, staff qualification and great results. The effectiveness of our services is confirmed by Body contouring reviews of ADONIS clients from the whole world. 

The main advantages of ADONIS Plastic Surgery clinics are:

  • World approved equipment basis

ADONIS Plastic Surgeries are carried out on the basis of our own medical facilities which are approved by the best worldwide medical societies and meet all norms of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Europe and USA manufactured lasers for Body contouring surgery ensure the most comfortable and less affected treatment. Thanks to ADONIS special care and well-developed selection of the proper equipment minimize the duration of the rehabilitation stage. 

  • Highly experienced specialists 

ADONIS staff of plastic surgeons and other medical personnel have the widest experience and knowledge which is approved by numerous successful cases of happy clients. More than 23 years in the sphere of medical assistance ensure the best safety and effectiveness for our patients. 

  • Legality and controlled process

ADONIS clinic of Plastic surgery is accredited by the National Ministry of Health of Ukraine and have all needed licenses and permissions from the Ukrainian Government to provide the medical services (including Body contouring surgery). 

  • Professional lead-up 

ADONIS always supports and controls the health state of every patient. We provide the full range of informational basis for understanding the body process and their recovery. We ensure professional medical lead-up even after the discharge, because we provide the world level treatment and care. ADONIS doctors are always in touch for consultation, help or just advice. 

Body contouring services from ADONIS Surgery include the variety of options on different request: 

  • * Liposuction 

  • * Arm lifting (brachioplasty)

  • * Tummy lifting (abdominoplasty)

  • * Augmentation of buttocks (using implants)

  • * Breast plastic surgery (augmentation, reduction, lifting, correction)

  • * Labiaplasty

  • * Hymenoplasty

  • * Vaginal rejuvenation (complex process)

With the help of the latest technologies and the highest qualification, ADONIS occupies a leading place in the Plastic surgery market not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world. 

We are always ready to have the patients from abroad and there are a lot of advantages and services to make your staying in Ukraine even more comfortable:

  • * Accommodations with perfect conditions to stay after the surgery 

  • * Booking services support

  • * Airport-hotel-airport transfer

  • * 24/7 concierge service 

  • * Translation services 

  • * Informational support

Every aspect is thought out for you when you choose ADONIS Body contouring Program. Offers which make your appearance and body shapes of perfect condition are available and affordable for everyone - you need only a real wish to change your life.

ADONIS Body plastic surgery - your place of changes and beauty. We are waiting for you!

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