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A neck lift can provide the cosmetic goals you have been looking to achieve. They can potentially provide a much younger, more toned appearance, whilst staving off more dramatic cosmetic procedures in the future.

But, like all cosmetic treatments, there is some downtime involved. Your plastic surgeon provides sound advice on how to achieve the best surgical outcomes, especially in the few days post-surgery.

You just need to relax and allow some time to heal - here is what the first days post-neck lift surgery should look like.

Day 1: Going home

Neck lifts are typically outpatient treatments that are over within a few hours. Your journey to recovery begins on the day you receive the treatment, and this will include monitoring you for a few hours after your surgery to ensure you haven’t had a negative reaction to your surgery or anesthesia.

Once you have been given the green light to leave the hospital it’s important to have someone take you home. You may then want to occasionally and carefully apply ice packs to your skin, ensuring you don’t leave them on too long if you are going to fall asleep.

Day 2: Resting up

You will most likely still be experiencing the effects of sedatives and anesthesia - this is normal. You will most likely begin to feel some soreness or discomfort in your face - this is all part of facial/neck cosmetic surgeries. Be sure to take the medication prescribed to you by your surgeon and avoid strenuous physical activity. Finally, keep your head elevated above heart beat level and don’t rest it on any pillows when sleeping.

Days 3 - 7: Getting back into the swing of the things

You will have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. They will examine how the post-surgery progress is going. Otherwise, it’s important to continue to relax, rest and allow your body to heal. Don’t finish taking your medications unless prescribed by your doctor and continue to regularly change your bandages.

Weeks 1 - 2: Heading back to work

If you have a desk job that doesn’t require too much strenuous activity then you should be able to head back to the office after a week. However, there may still be some bruising or light swelling remaining, so don’t push yourself too hard if you’re not ready for it. Continue to eat a healthy, nutritious diet and avoid stressful situations.

Recovery times vary from person-to-person, and you might not be up to handling the challenges of the workplace. So, if you need more time, be sure to take it!

Weeks 2 & onward

Your swelling should start to decrease and you should start to see the positive results of your neck lift surgery!

Tips for a good recovery

There are multiple things you can do post-surgery to ensure positive neck lift results. These include:

  • Enlist the help of a friend to take care of you in the day or two after your surgery.

  • Only take medications your doctor has prescribed. Avoid over-the-counter medications if you haven’t discussed them with your doctor.

  • Try to ice and cold compress the swelling (but, once again, don’t leave them on for too long!).

  • Elevate your head while lying down.

  • Avoid steam baths and hot showers for the first two weeks post-surgery.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight for a few months after your treatment.

Your surgeon will happily talk you through these tips and more to ensure you have the smoothest, most successful neck lift recovery possible.

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