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Many people from overseas immediately jump to the conclusion that all of Australia’s animals are dangerous. They might even think you are at risk of being bitten by something deadly as soon as you leave the house (as many overseas visitors have disparagingly uttered).

But whilst we do have some questionable creatures roaming the more remote parts of the country, Australia’s wildlife is largely docile and, quite frankly, adorable! Given that we have so many loveable creatures as part of our extended ecosystem, it’s only natural some of them make the perfect choice for popping on a quilt fabric.

If you’re looking for animal fabrics in Australia, here are some of the most adorable ones to choose from.


Wombats are a favourite for many Australians and international visitors, and it’s easy to see why! These adorable little waddlers have such a sweet nature and spend their time eating grass and digging complex burrow systems. You can occasionally see them in the wild but if not there are many Australian wildlife parks you can meet one of these furry little ones at.


The kangaroo is the national animal of Australia, and not only are they a unique and fascinating creature, they are also super adorable! Visitors from across the world rarely leave Australia without visiting a wildlife reserve to get a few pics with these unique hopping creatures, and they also make for the perfect Australia-themed quilt animal.


Platypuses are such beautiful and unique creatures. They have the fur of an otter, the tail of a beaver and a duck’s bill. Not only that, their webbed feet are venomous and they are egg-laying mammals? There is just so much personality to these little creatures. Despite this, they are incredibly shy and often stay burrowed below riverbanks or hidden underwater. If you don’t think you’ll have the chance to see them in the wild, they make for a great addition to an Oz-themed quilt.


Kookaburras are incredibly fascinating birds. They sit around laughing in trees all day before going out to hunt a range of other animals including fish, snakes, insects and mammals. Despite their carnivorous nature, they are very social birds, often happily joining people at their barbecues and even grabbing a bite to eat. Furthermore, they are very territorial birds, with their laughter being used to tell other birds where their territory begins and ends. They are gorgeous, however, and look amazing as part of the design of a new quilt.


Of course this list wouldn’t be complete with one of Australia’s beloved marsupials, the koala. These docile little tree lovers spend most of their time hanging out and eating eucalyptus. They come across as incredibly relaxed due to their leafy diets not providing much nutrition, however, they can be fiercely territorial towards other koalas. That’s okay though, as they are adorably cute and look great on a cosy, nighttime quilt design.


The cockatoo is possibly Australia’s most vibrant bird, with its large yellow crest making it unmistakable to Australians since they were kids. They are highly social and travel in large flocks, waking up late to go and source their food for the day. And they are just so beautiful, too, being one of Australia’s favourite birds.

Have fun quilting

We hope you too think this list contains the cutest Aussie animals to put on a patchwork. One of the sweetest designs you can for kids or adults is an Australia quilt full of different loveable Australian animals, and we think you will really enjoy putting together such a vibrant quilt.

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