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One of the issues which always bothers most parents, whether in Australia or elsewhere in the world is the lack of moral foundation – specifically, a grounding in faith and traditional values – in modern education. With many schools skewing more towards secular learning without a strong spiritual core, the notion of sending their children to Christian schools The King’s College appeals to a growing number of families throughout the country.

But what benefits do children stand to get from a Christian education?

Benefits to Consider

A stronger moral foundation for children.

To put it bluntly: right is right, wrong is wrong. In a Christian academic environment, the dangers of alcoholism and substance abuse are carefully explained to students. They are warned of the consequences these will have on both their mind and body. Likewise, with a Scripture-focused curriculum, ethical behaviour is woven into each lesson regardless of the subject matter.

Tolerance, diversity, and compassion become a way of life.

What is interesting to note in many Christian schools is that they have a standing zero-bullying policy. This means that children learn in an environment where they learn to accept each other regardless of race or cultural differences. Also, schools tend to come down heavily on students who are physically or verbally abusive towards their peers in a bid to curb or halt violence of any kind on campus. Lessons regarding cultural diversity are also a fundamental part of the curriculum, fostering understanding within the student community.

A stronger academic discipline for future success, both academically and professionally.

Many Christian schools rank high among the best-performing institutions when it comes to their students' results in standardised examinations. This is because these institutions hire highly-competent teachers and lecturers who deliver on the promise of excellent and practical education. These schools are also equipped with laboratories, computer systems, and libraries featuring both religious and secular reading material to give their students a well-rounded education.

These are places where children can develop skills and talents.

People tend to take the notion of a "sound mind in a sound body" for granted, but it is a fact of life in many Christian schools. Along with an excellent curriculum and a healthy spiritual formation, these schools also offer specialised programmes in art, music, and sport. In doing so, schools also become safe places where children can have good clean fun among their peers, as well as creative incubators where talented kids can hone their abilities in full.

Final Thoughts

While Christian education has been the subject of satire and mockery in recent years, its benefits for children cannot be understated. Aside from the mandated requirements of any school in the Australian educational system, these schools are also a way for children to get a stronger spiritual, moral, and emotional foundation that will serve them well later in life.

However, it is also important to state here that parents also have an active role to play in their children's education. Indeed, the formative work of Christian schools needs to continue within the home.

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