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Losing weight, if you have body fats, is important. It does not mean that you are not beautiful if you have extra body fat. It only means that you need a healthy lifestyle to live a healthier, longer, and happier life. No excuse can allow you to have an unhealthy lifestyle which keeps adding up to your body fat. If your body needs you to be healthy, listen to it because otherwise, you will never feel comfortable.

You have to take control now so you can have a better tomorrow. I know it is difficult to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself but know that it will be worth it. You just have to start with a baby step and find consistency. Then, you can gradually intensify the workouts and improve your meal plans. Once you are healthy, you will end up realizing that your earlier lifestyle was more difficult compared to this healthy one. So, come on, now! Follow these essential but basic weight loss methods to start building a healthier tomorrow:


The first thing that you have to do is to change your mindset about your body and weight loss. Once you have your mind under your control, you can control your body too.


As mentioned, changing your perspective is important. For a better lifestyle, The Jowett Method offers its services to coach and train your mind for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Following this method allows you to go through the difficult beginning period of this lifestyle change. This also helps with building consistency when it gets easier. It is regular counseling which helps you to stay on track while you do your everyday workout or planning your meal. This is the method which shows you that eating or not working out is also a part of addiction like any other. So, you have to fight it off just like the person with any drug addiction. You have to take total control of your mind to be able to do something in the first place.


Diet enables 80% of your weight loss. So, before you get off your bed and start exercising, you should ponder upon your diet. Here are the three simple methods to control what you eat and lose some pounds:

  • Portion Control

This is one of the most effective methods to begin to control your diet. You do not have to be scared of cutting your favorite food off and begin a tasteless diet. You can eat all your favorite foods but you have to reduce the amount of how much you eat it. Also, you can always eat yummy food on any diet plan. You just have to be more mindful when eating.

  • There is a right method for drinking water too

Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do to both your mind and body. Just make sure you are drinking enough water for your body to feel active and well. However, you have to be careful with the right amount of drinking water. Avoid drinking water at the end or in the middle of your meal. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Always drink a glass of water before your meals. It will fill your stomach and will allow you to eat less. Also, whenever you feel a sudden pang of hunger on a meal plan, just drink a glass of water. It works wonders!

  • Have access to healthy food only

Another great way to control what you are eating is to never keep an unhealthy snack around you. Stock your kitchen with nutrition bars and a variety of healthy fruit. So, whenever you feel like to munch on something, there is always something healthy around you. Throw out all the unhealthy food and see your life-changing with this tiny effort.


Once you are on the track of changing your meal, it is time to indulge yourself in some sort of physical activity. Remember, physical activity still holds 20% of your results. So, here are a few effective methods for weight loss:

  • Do little but do daily

Consistency is a researched method in itself for weight loss. You are not supposed to buy an expensive and intensive plan but drop it in a week. You have to start a little. Just do a little warm-up, move your body a little bit but do it daily. Increase the intensity eventually but do not compromise on doing it daily.

  • Rest is important

Once you have promised yourself and started some sort of physical activity for weight loss, you should focus on taking rest too. You can feel all pumped up but at least once or twice a week, take a break. You can completely skip and do nothing at all on that day or you can opt for a low-intensity workout like taking a stroll in the street or biking.

  • Do what you love

The most important method which will allow you to be consistent in choosing a physical activity that you love. It could be running or dancing or swimming or playing badminton. Just do what you love. There is no restriction. No one is forcing you to hit the gym. Listen to your body. Remember, you are going to get results as far as you are reaching out of your comfort zone.


Last but not least, it is very important to focus on the results. For some, it appears instantly while for others it takes time. Also, this is a lifestyle change, so just do it without thinking about when and if you are going to get any result. I bet you will be surprised.

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