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Everyone has different demands of a desk. Should it be large, small, with lots of storage space or on wheels? Read here what good desks should do and what you need to pay attention to while sitting and using the desk.

Selection of desk

The selection of desks is as diverse as the demands we place on office furniture. The classic design attracts attention. The corner table saves space, and additional elements for the desk like roll containers offer storage for paperwork. Then there are height-adjustable desks for children and standing desks.

What the workplace looks like depends entirely on your own needs. So ask yourself a few questions. Do I need a lot of storage space and like to spread out at work? Then a large desk with a width of up to two meters and drawers for the study is just the thing. Or do you only work from time to time from home and is the desk only used to sort the mail? In this case, a petite desk is available for the corner of the living room.

We recommend that working hours should also be included in the design of the workplace in the home office. People who sit at their desks late into the evening need good lighting. If you spend many hours at your desk, you should also make sure that a reasonable desk chair is in front of the table.

Here are a few questions that everyone asks for an efficiently useful desk:

  • What should the desk be able to do?

  • Where should the desk be in the room?

  • How much desk space should be available?

  • Desk test in a furniture store - what should I watch out for?

Modern desks

What should the desk be able to do?

If you primarily intend the desk as a computer place, you need space for technical accessories. Besides, cable routing or pre-installed docking stations are extremely practical. Tip: Make a list of the devices that you must keep close to your desk and set up your desk accordingly. If you have a lot of paperwork to do, don't forget to include room for files, drawers, and shelves near the desk. If you spend a lot of time at your desk or you have back problems, a height-adjustable table is a right choice. So you can change the seating position from time to time.

Where should the desk be in the room?

When working on the screen, it is most pleasant if the desk is at the side of the window and natural light comes pouring in. On the other hand, if you sit with your back to a window, the sunlight casts unpleasant shadows from the background and creates reflections on the screen. There is another important point. Access from the desk to sockets and the Internet connection must also be nearby. A desk acts as a magnet for stacks of paper and piles of books. So that the workplace doesn't cause too much congestion in the room.

How much desk space should be available?

It is a very important thing to consider before buying a desk. Measure how much space is available for the desk. To avoid nasty surprises at home, you should know the exact space available on the work corner. So that everything is not too cramped. There should be at least 80 cm clearance next to the tabletop and behind the desk chair. For many work documents, shelves and drawers are a sensible solution. Even a mobile container can create additional storage space. Also, keep in mind that a professional desk chair with a tilt function takes up a lot of space. The castors could damage the floor in front of the desk. Therefore, pay attention to the right chair casters for hard floors like parquet and laminate or soft floors such as carpet when you buy them.

Which desk fits my home?

Take a look around and see which colours and shapes dominate in the room where the desk will be. Should the desk fit into the interior or be an eye-catcher, perhaps also a stylistic break? A large desk fits easily into the atmosphere of a study, while filigree designs are more suitable in the living room.

Desk test in a furniture store - what should I watch out for?

It is very important to consider. You should test the new desk in the furniture store. Sit down and make sure that you have enough space on your legs area, and your arms can rest comfortably on the desk. The new desk should fit you perfectly like a new piece of clothing. Your posture is ideal when the forearms lie loosely and horizontally on the desk and form a right angle to the upper arms. Your legs should have enough space under the work surface that you can easily change your sitting position at the desk.

The secretary furniture: an alternative to a desk

If you have no space for a large desk at home or only work irregularly in your home office, secretary furniture is a more sensible alternative. As the little brother of the desk, it is much more delicate and often more elegant than large office furniture. Some secretary furniture is foldable and portable. So-called wall secretaries without a base are even more space-saving. There is a benefit of their shallow depth that makes them almost invisible after work. You can easily fold up the work surface. You can set up a workplace in the bedroom or living room.

4 points for buying a desk

  • Measure the footprint

  • Clarify the desired use

  • Pay attention to the homely environment

  • Plan storage space

Everything in small: desks in the children's room

A desk for the children's room adapts as flexibly as possible to the body size and the changing needs of school children. It has to be adjustable, practical, and robust. Children should be allowed to change their seating position at the desk regularly. Sometimes upright, sometimes leaning back and sometimes leaning forward, because dynamic sitting is easy on the back and promotes concentration. Modern children's desks also grow with the child and can always be adapted to the respective body size. Pull-outs, cable routing or attachments make the desk suitable for computers as with the big ones.

The right lighting: desk lamps

For a reading lamp to work efficiently without eye strain, it must be bright and glare-free. Besides, it should be so flexible that its light cone must be adjustable to personal needs and the prevailing natural light at the desk.


Desks are the essentials of any office. It works as a helping partner for everyone. Choosing the appropriate desk for your office is an important thing to consider before buying it. The size, space, and storage must be enough for all your stuff.

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