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You may have had the idea of wanting to add pebbles to your driveway. Maybe you read an article online or got this tip from a friend. Not only will this addition bring a new feel and look to the entrance of your home, but it will also make everything look like they are in place.

As a homeowner, you need to have a keen eye for what is worth the hype and what can have a negative impact on your driveway. Before opting for adding stones, you may want to weigh out the pros and cons. When you use different combinations of pebble stone you will see that there is a lot you can do for the entryway. The kind of display this achieves allows you to go through many styles and design themes while keeping up with modern trends.

You will have to chisel down the selections and options you have when considering pebble stones or some other material. Gravel and asphalt are the top choices made for driveways, but that does not mean they will suit your home. Not only will you need to consult with an expert paver, but you will also have to see what your driveway will suit better. Here are some pros and cons that will help you choose the best one for you.

Adding Pebble Stones: The Best Option for You

When we talk about pebble stone, this can be a reference to a number of loose rock formations. Any kind of stone which is large in size, preferably larger than sand, but smaller than cobble, can be a pebble stone. These are generally 1/10 of an inch and with be 2.5 inches from the center. What makes them so special is that their usage in driveways essentially gives you a processed product. This has consistencies of rocks, sand and some types of clay. Like all paving materials, pebbles come with their pros and cons, which will be discussed below.


The Pricing

When it comes to assessing the budget for your driveway remodels, pebbles are your best friend. They are one of the most affordable options on the market, and the initial costs are lower than asphalt or gravel. Although it does depend on the size of your front way, the pricing is a big pro when it comes to these stones.


When you consider pebble stones for your driveway, you are going for a stunning look. Their jet black and grey colors are the perfect looks for a sophisticated home front. Although some homeowners enjoy the more rustic look of concrete, pebbles are tough to beat when it comes to natural beautification. For a classy yet modern take on your driveway, pebble stones are the way to go.


The style and theme of your driveway can be diverse with the help of pebble stone. They are known for bringing out a fresh look from the entryway and will give your exterior landscape more to work with. Thus, when people visit your home, it will stand out from their surroundings and give a new feeling.

Easy to Maintain

This material might just be the easiest one to maintain in the long run. Although loose stones need to be raked every once in a while, that is pretty much all you have to do. Any and all environmental conditions can be dealt with swiftly and you can fill in sunken areas with more stones if needed. There is no need for any extra replenishment, making pebbles the best choice for your future.


For loose stones, the installation process is simple and easy. It needs to be laid on properly and will not take up much time or resources. If you hire a professional, the job will be done with no issues at all.


When it comes to any kind of loose stone, you have a lot of room for personalization. This way, you can keep your preference in mind when paving your driveway. While concrete and gravel are also tailored, the process is more difficult and takes longer. So, the better choice is pebbles which will not cost you as much and will meet your personal taste.


Snow Removal

For people who reside in snowy areas, this can be a big issue. Removing snow from loose pebbles is almost an impossible task without ruining the pavement. You will have to remove the rocks entirely for a proper plowing and just will not be worth it in the end.

Accumulation of Dirt

Pebbles can get dirty easily in comparison to other materials, so it is advised to take caution. This is true, especially for the summer months, where a lot of dirt and dust accumulates, and the outside of your home will need extra cleaning. If you are someone who is busy, this is quite a hassle.

Heavy Loads

Pebbles may be flexible with loading of vehicles, but they cannot withstand heaviness. If you have big vans or garbage trucks coming through, chances are your pavement will get destroyed easily. Where there is more damage, you will have to bear the extra costs.


Stones that are loose tend to shift and move around a lot. This gets progressively worse as more time passes and will make it hard for vehicles to pass through. The speed bumps alone make it a nightmare to deal with. Once they turn into proper sinkholes, a remodel will be required.

Hard to Replace

Once the damage is actually caused to the loose stone, you will need to replace it completely. It has very hard to fix the existing pavement and this added effort of having to hire someone to remodel it will cost you. So, if you are on a budget, this can pose a big problem for the look of your home.

Safety and Security

If you are not careful in managing the loose pebbles, you may end up damaging your vehicle. When this happens, you will find rocks and other materials trapped in the wheels. This could gather up dust as well, which will not be good for the health of your family.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways you can get creative with the driveway of your home. When it comes to pebbles, you will get a lot of benefits that draw you towards this paving material. At the same time, however, there are plenty of reasons to not go for loose stones for the entryway. You can take the advice given upon and weigh out the options for yourself. Once you properly think about it and consult an expert, you can make an informed decision that suits your home.

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