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Spring and summer are the favorite times of the year to do big tasks like renewing the look of your home. These are the reasons that compel us to remove the effects of the winter and take on a future with many possibilities for interior design. Once you have cleaned and organized your entire room, the next logical step is to redecorate, whether that is a quick refresh or a new mattress or even a complete bedroom renovation. After all, any redecoration can make your uninspired room into a dream room. Doors Plus comes offers you expert guidance for installing interior doors, for your home.

The following are the tips to transform your home with the right interior materials. It requires minimal work, and provide maximum impact, from the painting of a feature wall to fixing your doors.

Here are some tips to transform your home:

  1. Decorate With Pillows and Throws

Two purposes are served by pillows in your home. Firstly they add to the beauty aspect of the room when selected correctly. Secondly, they offer your guests some extra comfort on the couch and give your rooms a comfortable, feel.

The comfort factor is evident when you choose pillows that are big enough to rest and comfort. The large, exaggerated pillows create an elegant appearance.

  1. Windows and Shutters

Un-treated windows make a house look incomplete and inexpensive. Luckily, window treatments are one of the cheapest ways to add elegance and much-needed privacy to your home. You have to make smart choices when selecting window treatments. For example, using brief unlined materials looks extremely inexpensive, although they are the cheapest option. It is best to eliminate fabrics that are noticeable. Most upholstery stores sell beautiful and expensive draperies, at a good price.

While considering window treatments stay with beautiful fabrics like natural silk, linen, and cotton. Try woven bamboo shadows or wood blinds or beautiful shutters if the draperies are not for you. Make sure the windows are covered. They guarantee the beauty and the architecture of your house.

  1. Lighting Evolves the Home

In all homes, they have built-in standard lights that are probably identical to the ones most builders use. Designer lighting systems will, however, make your home look more beautiful and elegant than the regular lights.

Luckily, you can use a few tricks to get the high-end look at a lower price. Start with looking at flea markets and small retailers. For a budget-friendly price, you will receive a unique piece. Also, visit antique stores to get unique one-off pieces.

Moreover, you should have various light sources, including table lamps and floor lamps, to enhance the elegant feel.

  1. Interior Doors

The doors in the interior play a bigger role than you can understand. Although they are tiny items, they bring architectural texture and elegance to a home. Doors create a tangible experience as something we use each day that gives us an important impression. It feels quite different from closing a lightweight door made of synthetic materials, to a solid wood door.

Beautiful doors can be sufficient to make the spaces more stylish and trendy. Even if your home has beautiful furniture, you may complete the look of your home by installing intricately designed stylish doors.

  1. Hardwood Floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting in a home is a thing of the past. Although it provides a warm, soft and cozy feeling it still looks out-dated. Also, it does not have the same quality of sophistication as powerful, dazzling floors of hardwood have. Hardwood floors offer a smooth, elegant look at an affordable price.

To purchase hardwood flooring you need to set aside a big chunk of your budget. It is a major expense for your house, but it is surely a smart expense. Hardwood lasts a long time and provides a good return on investment. Even if you ever sell your house the buyers will happily pay you above the market price just because you have beautiful hardwood floors in your home. One alternative to hardwood is installing laminate, but make sure you buy the finest laminate available to ensure a good price.

  1. Paint the Walls

Paint is very cheap and makes an enormous difference. Whether a pastel color is needed, or bright color is required to make the space vibrant, paint is perfect to improve the overall look of a room

Another great idea is painting black doors inside. It creates a costly feeling automatically, without causing any damage to your wallet. However, if you select this option, please add a few black accessories to the space to tie in the overall look of the room.

  1. Update Old Fittings

A fast and easy way of decorating old fittings, especially in the kitchen, is to update them with new ones. Knobs, handles and drawer pull are small, cheap details that provide a sparkling feeling for your home.

  1. Create Fitted Structures

The key thing to make a piece of furniture look good it the way it is fitted in the space. The best way to achieve this effect is by measuring the space you have in the room and then buy the required furniture. For example, a bookshelf surrounding a whole wall always seems costlier than one stood empty. Luckily, this job can be done within one to two weekends with a little advance thought.

  1. Add Luxurious Plants

Provide a fresh feel to your house by adding indoor plants. For example, add an elegant fern printing screen to separate a bedroom or dress up as a window at night. You can add real plants as well as fabric made artificial plants to beautify your home.

Combine casual linen with items influenced by the garden including watersheds and rustic storage trugs. Realistic plants and blooms for drainage spaces are perfect and require minimal maintenance.

  1. Add Wall Art

The idea of hanging unique pieces of art on the wall is another easy and affordable decor for your living room. Framed art can make a house feel like a home from family photos to portraits. Before installing the artwork, homeowners should find the place and the right way to hang it. Make sure the art you choose is of the right size and remember that no work of art is needed on all empty walls. When you feel adventurous, you can make your cheap artwork. Go to your local crafts store and you will find all you need for a lovely framed personalized artwork.


Professional designers have several simple tips on how you can transform your home at an affordable cost. It can be hard to have a high-end home, especially if your budget is tight. Fortunately, you can get the high-end look you're dreaming of even at a low cost. Just follow the above tips and you can redecorate your home into a beautiful and elegant living space.

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