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  • Written by Julia Beyers

Leave behind your work concerns, worries about bills, and pack your bags - it’s time to explore Australia! After months of saving and frugal spending, it’s finally time to travel and marvel at the beauty that Australia has to offer. Australia has lots of gems hidden in its seven million square kilometres. To enjoy as many of the treasures as possible and make your trip memorable, you’ll need to prepare adequately and equip yourself with information on Australia and essential travelling tools.

Talking of essential travelling tools needed to make the trip across Australia worthwhile, mobile travel applications are up there with money in terms of significance. There are many handy mobile apps which will make your exploration of Australia easier, less costly, and safer. From hotel booking apps, cab-hailing apps to apps that help you find the best restaurants, here are the top 5 best travel apps in 2019 for exploring Australia.

Top 5 Best Travel Apps in 2019 for Exploring Australia


Whether you are travelling from another country or are a citizen of Australia who want to get the best deals on flights and hotels in Australia, Hopper is your go-to app. Since Australia is a vast territory, flights are often the best means to get around. Hopper will come in handy with great offers and deals on cheap flights. Hopper is a free mobile application available for both Android and iOS users around the world, and it will be beneficial for your exploration of Australia.

Hopper works by carefully analyzing all the available offers and promotions before presenting only the best rates in your current location and your final destination. Hopper is also capable of making consistently accurate 12-month predictions on prices of flights and hotels for you to choose the cheapest times to travel.

If you are travelling on a tight budget, then Hopper will come in handy, and every cent saved will be useful in one way or the other.


Although Australia is home to some of the best hotels, Airbnb has genuinely changed the way tourists and visitors explore new destinations across the country. Airbnb offers more than just accommodation; it gives tourists a unique experience.

Airbnb gives you an authentic feel of the people’s way of life. Most Airbnb locations are cheaper than booking into hotels, although the amenities might differ in quality. Airbnb gives users a choice to choose their budget and presents them with the best options in their location. Airbnb locations are spread out across the country and even in the most remote parts of Australia. Airbnb hosts are willing to share their spaces with explorers and make their trip even better.

Download the iOS or Android version of the app on your phone or tablet and take a look at the accommodation photos, the provisions available and the price before choosing the place most suited for you. Airbnb is ideal for people travelling in large groups and who intend to save up on cash by doing basic house chores by themselves.


PocketGuide is a ‘personal guide’ on your phone. The app is ideal for people who want to discover locations and activities in new cities and don’t have enough money to hire a local guide. The app eliminates the need to ask around when exploring a new city, and will provide suggestions on the best activities to engage in that particular location.

There are hundreds of preloaded tours in every city, and all you have to do is plug in your headphones and keenly follow your guide. The guide helps you note important historical sites, find new locations, learn fun facts about cities and so on. With PocketGuide, you’ll hardly miss a spot of historical significance or a key tourist attraction in Australia.

Although most of the guides are of the big cities in the world, most locations in Australia are very well covered, and the service is expanding to more remote places to make tours even more enjoyable at an affordable rate. PocketGuide is available for free for both Android and iOS users.


Australia is vast and so are its cities! Getting from one location to another takes a lot of time, and unless you have a car rental, it can be costly if you are using traditional taxi apps. Thanks to Uber though, you can hail cheap cabs within the cities and safely move from one location to the other at very pocket-friendly prices.

Uber is available everywhere across the country, and you can hail a cab at any time of the day. Different rides offer different comfort levels, and the number of passengers. So, you have a choice on the car that is best suited for you and your budget. Uber is cheaper, safer and offers more convenience than hiring a car if you are staying within a city. You also get to learn a lot from the friendly local drivers who know much about the city and the country itself.

Uber is available for free for both iOS and Android devices, and you should download it before embarking on a journey across Australia.


What’s a trip to Australia without getting to enjoy the local cuisine? Australia is home to some of the best traditional cuisine and mouth-watering food which you should try when travelling across the country. OpenTable is an application which will help you to easily get access to various eateries within your location.

OpenTable is a free iOS and Android app which helps users explore new restaurants in various locations and make reservations quickly. Through OpenTable, one can select their favourite meals, make a reservation for a table and select the number of people eating at that table.

With more than 50,000 restaurants across the globe, OpenTable makes it very easy for tourists to enjoy local cuisine in the best eateries near them. Restaurants have a rating system which helps other users to find the best places to dine and enjoy food while on the move.

A Final Word

These top 5 apps for travelling Australia will not only help you save lots of money while exploring; they will make it very easy to find services, food, locations of interest, and accommodation. They will help you move from one place to the other with ease and stay safe all along. Use these apps to make your trip across Australia memorable.

You can also download Journi (iOS & Android) and use it to capture all those beautiful memories while on tour in Australia. Through Journi, you can share pictures of your travels with your loved ones and keep the memories for reference at later dates.

Australia has lots to offer, and the only way to get the most out of your trip to Australia is by taking advantage of the mobile apps above and many other travel apps out there.





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