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The way webpages are ranked has evolved over time. Website rankings were exclusively reliant on keywords and backlinks a decade ago. Users had a difficult time discovering websites that were related to their search query at the time since spammy websites easily outranked relevant websites.

Web design and user engagement data such as bounce rate, time spent on the site, and pages visited are now used to measure how accurate and relevant your website is to a certain search query. As a result, usability and UX design have emerged as critical components of SEO.

We've identified five UX components that can have an impact on SEO to assist you understand how UX and SEO are related and, ultimately, where to focus your efforts.

1) Site Usability and Navigation

It's no secret that current online users favour websites that are easy to use.

A difficult-to-navigate site menu will detract from your users' experience and cause them to depart sooner. If you have a lot of daily visitors but no one converts because your website is difficult to use or the material is confusing, it's all for nought.

So, how can navigation and SEO be enhanced at the same time? Use categories and subcategories to help your users find what they're looking for more quickly. If a category has numerous pages, you can create a drop-down menu to prevent cluttering your menu.

2) User-Friendly Page Layouts

Poor layout design and formatting detract from SEO potential. If your site is extremely crammed with material, users may find it difficult to read. At the same time, if your site isn't visually appealing and easy to browse, users are more likely to leave as soon as they land on your page.

So, how can you make your design more user-friendly and SEO-friendly?

  • - Use headers and tags to specify the topic of each page.

  • - Use appropriate images and videos to communicate important information and interest your audience.

  • - To keep users on your website longer, including components that link to similar material at the end of a page layout.

3) Optimize for Site Load Speed

Site speed is an important site metric that has a direct impact on user experience and ranking. Although there isn't much you can do if the user's internet connection is slow, you can make your site as fast as possible by:

  • - File size reduction.

  • - Image optimisation

  • - On key landing pages, avoid using too many animations and visual effects.

4) Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-responsive design is now required for usability and SEO. Sites that are not mobile-responsive will lose a significant portion of user engagement, as mobile search now accounts for more than 50% of web traffic.

People are increasingly shifting away from desktop computers and towards mobile devices. You can increase user engagement by adapting your website's content for mobile devices.

5) Using Search Data To Inform Site Architecture

Instead of developing many landing pages for different queries, you can construct a single, uncluttered one for each one. If a topic is too wide to discuss in a single page, you can create "pillar" material using your essential terms.

This entails using a single primary page to address each of the topics you will cover. Then you make a few smaller subpages that link back to the main pillar. This helps users discover the information they need while also enabling search engines navigate navigating and indexing your website's pages.


Improving your SEO ranking with UX entails more than just having your page load faster. Simple measures, such as ensuring a call-to-action button on a mobile page is clickable, can improve a website's UX and SEO performance.

Furthermore, adding images and alt text to a website concurrently provides search engines with more information and context for your content. Understanding how SEO and UX interact is critical for success.

Establishing an effective user experience (UX) is a vital part of website design in 2022. To help ensure that your next business website delivers a remarkable user experience for visitors, get in touch with a reputable Sunshine Coast Website Designs.

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