Picking the Right Sneaker Material

When it comes to shoes, there is an incredible amount of diversity. You can find shoes in practically every style, colour, and material. However, the most versatile shoes are athletic shoes; they’re shoes that were originally designed for athletes and have become popular for casual use. They are versatile and comfortable; also, they offer the widest range of materials and colours. Generally, they’re considered informal, but they can sometimes function in a workplace. You just need to pick the right colours and materials. There are a few basic materials that each shoe uses such as rubber, canvas, and leather. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few.


Leather is an incredibly popular material for sneakers in Australia. Leather is popular because it is strong, tough, and warm. Leather, when properly maintained, provides a great balance of strength as well as softness. Quality leather is not easy to scratch or rip, but it is easy to flex. It’s soft but not fragile; that’s a difficult combination to find. Leather is also less breathable than some other materials. That means it traps your body heat and holds it close. If you are a person whose toes get cold, leather could be a great choice.

However, that cuts both ways. If you are a person whose feet get hot, leather might not be the best choice. It’s not as breathable as other materials which means your feet might sweat. Also, leather tends to be a little more expensive than some other materials. It will last longer, but you might have to pay a little bit more up front.


Canvas is a classic material. It’s been around for a very long time. Canvas is great because it is light, durable, breathable, and affordable. It is fairly simple to manufacture, which is why it’s been in use for hundreds of years as a clothing material. Canvas is a tough material that doesn’t tear easily. It is lightweight, so your feet can breathe. However, it won’t keep you very warm.

If you want a lightweight shoe, choose canvas. But if you want something waterproof, you have to choose rubber.


Some sneakers now use rubber in their construction to create waterproof shoes. Rubber has progressed from the stiff tire rubber of the past. It is now a flexible, comfortable material that can work well in wet weather. The disadvantage of rubber is that its waterproof nature means it's also very hot. If you need a breathable material, rubber is not the best option. If you need a pair of rugged sneakers that can handle just about anything you throw at them, rubber is the best choice.

When choosing between rubber, canvas, and leather, you need to think about what you will be doing in your shoes. If you plan to wear them to work or to a semi-formal occasion, leather is probably your best option. If you intend to wear them through rugged wet conditions, rubber is best. If you need something versatile and lightweight, canvas is your best choice.