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With the online population growing every day, all sorts of people can post negative content on your site or post. This can adversely affect your business, especially if you’re a start-up e-commerce entrepreneur. Bad news is that a negative comment seen by a bigger part of your customers can ruin your reputation. This isn’t good for business. Your competitors can easily take advantage of that to thrive over you.

Now, is it really possible to remove negative content from Google? Yes, it is. It may take some time depending on the method you’re applying. However, it is possible. How? Check this out.

1. Request the Administrator to pull down the content

If it is a negative comment on a Facebook page or any other site, you can request the site administrator to remove it. Administrators are also human beings. They’ll understand provided you talk to them nicely and explain why the negative content should be removed. As long as they accept, the bad content can be removed within a short time.

2. Report it

Google has strict rules and regulations against obscene language as well as cyber bullying. If you feel the content violates your personal privacy or affects you negatively, you can simply report it. On every post or comment on Google, there’s a button that allows you to report it if you feel offended by it. Once you report, Google can remove it within 48hours once they confirm the truth in your reporting.

3. Request the poster to pull it down

Sometimes, a good poster can agree to remove the negative content if you request them. This can be difficult in case the poster is your competitor and is working towards finishing you off. Just explain to them how their comment will affect you and request them to delete it.

4. Simply delete it

If it’s your site, you have total power over it. You can simply delete what doesn’t feel good for you. For instance, a negative comment on your Facebook page can disappear in just one click.


In this era of cyber bullying and tough online competition, don’t be surprised if you woke up to an awful comment or review on your site. Don’t panic. Just take the necessary steps of removing it. At least one should work for you.