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A question that will be asked by everyone at some point in their life is ‘Do I need car insurance?’

Some might wonder if car insurance is like one those things that you don’t need but probably should get just to be safe.

But the truth is: If you own a car or drive a car in Australia, car insurance is required.

It is illegal to drive without compulsory third-party insurance in all state and territories in Australia. So, even if you’ve sold your car to a car removal company and received cash for old cars, you still might need car insurance.

I Don’t Own a Car – Do I Need Car Insurance?

If you don’t own a car but plan to drive, then you do need car insurance. There are many reasons for this including:

  • You May Require Liability. Even if you never drive, cover may not be necessary, but if you drive someone else’s car it is essential. For example, your friend has drunk alcohol and you’ve been assigned the responsible driver – you could be found liable in case of an accident.

  • *  Lapsing Your Car Insurance Can Cause High-Risk Rates: If you lapse your Car Insurance, that can come up as a red flag for future car insurance.

  • *  For Taxi Drivers: Cover for medical in the case of injury as a result of a car accident is essential.

One way to help ensure that you are covered is by being added to a friend or family member’s policy. This keeps you insured and not have to handle everything yourself.

Do I Need Car Insurance If I Lease a Car?

Although you technically don’t own a car that you are leasing, you are fully responsible for insuring it while the vehicle is in your possession. It is essential for all drivers of a leased car to not only be insured but to have full cover. Gap Insurance is typically recommended and required when leasing a car.

What If I am Between Cars?

It is always recommended that you retain your Car Insurance even between cars or being unable to drive. Not only does this make it easier for you to drive in future, but also prevents high-risk rates in insurance as a result in a lapse of being covered.


In conclusion, not only is it required to have Car Insurance when owning or driving a vehicle, it is also highly recommended to maintain your coverage even when not driving. This will save you a lot of complication and higher fees in future.

Written by Metro Car Removal Sydney.