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Air ducts in a HVAC system can become contaminated quite easily. People don’t realise that anything that’s brought into the household environment or generated in the house will be sucked into the ducts and recirculated around the rooms. This process will only be halted when you organise duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Cleaning the ducts removes a range of offensive items from your ducting, including pet dander, dust, dust mites, mould spores, rodent faeces, pests such as cockroaches, pollen, skin flakes, hair, and smells that have soaked into dust particles.

You can see why duct cleaning services in Melbourne are important for a healthy, happy home. If anyone in your household suffers from respiratory conditions, then it’s even more urgent to get on top of your dirty ducts. If you haven’t has your ducts cleaned for the last 3 to 5 years, your ducts are likely overdue for a clean. But how can you stop your air ducts from getting so dirty in the first place? This article will detail a few simple actions you can take to help prevent your air ducts from becoming contaminated.

Get Pests Under Control

Whether you’ve got mice, rats or a cockroach infestation, it’s best to take prompt measures to rectify the situation. These critters love getting into your air ducts and taking up residence, and that’s the last thing you want for the health of your home. Whether you put out traps yourself or get a pest control company in, either way you need to get rid of the rodents and pesky insects that can contaminate your ducts. Duct cleaning services in Melbourne can clear your air ducts of pest debris, but it’s best to avoid it accumulating in the first place.

Limit Pollen in the Home

One of the things that most commonly makes people sneeze and wheeze with asthma or hay fever is pollen. People think that pollen comes from outside, but what about the pollen you’re bringing inside in the form of potted indoor plants or cut flowers? These too can be the source of pollen in the air, which then gets drawn into air ducts and circulated around the house again and again. Once the pollen is in the ducts, the only recourse is to hire a company for duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

Keep an Eye on Air Quality

Do you always put the fan on in the kitchen when you’re cooking dinner? If not, it’s a good idea to start, as cooking smells can travel into your air ducts and be absorbed into the dust within. This means that when you put your HVAC system on, you can experience unpleasant second hand food odours. Make sure you use your kitchen fan whenever you cook to avoid unpleasant smells in your ducts.

Similarly, using a humidifier in the house can encourage the growth of mould spores in your air ducts if they get too moist. This can lead to a musty smell when you put your HVAC system on. If you can already smell a musty odour when you use your heating and cooling system, it might already be too late and duct cleaning services in Melbourne may be needed to rectify the problem.