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Car Wreckers Adelaide

Some experts claim that cars manufactured in 2005 and sooner should be recycled, and not kept on the road. There is no doubt that the newer cars are much eco-friendlier. However, for some car owners with old cars in excellent condition, they question whether they should sell them to a wrecker or recycle the cars. Let Car Wreckers Adelaide tell you a little about selling old cars to wreckers.

Selling an Old Car to a Wrecker

With Car Wreckers Adelaide, selling your old car to a wrecker could be a good choice. However, with old cars, it is important that you sell the car to the right type of wrecker. For instance, your car may have obsolete parts that wreckers would love to get their hands on; however, what happens to the car after the parts are pulled? Does it sit on an open plot polluting the environment? Is it recycled for an eco-friendly disposal? Those are two questions you want to ask the wrecker before you Sell your Car to the SA Wrecker. Car Wreckers Adelaide buys cars and trucks in old condition to salvage and recycle.

Selling your Old Car to Car Wreckers Adelaide

At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we may be the wrecker and recycler you are looking for when selling cars and trucks. We are a wrecker and recycler that gets the best cash out of vehicles that are old. We also provide our customers with darn near the easiest way to get their cars and trucks sold for cash.

  1. Contact our appraiser for a cash valuation of your car or truck. He will ask for specific details of your vehicle to make an accurate cash quote.

  2. Let us know whether you’d like us to purchase the vehicle or if you would like to pass on our offer for your old car or truck. You can also give our offer some thought.

  3. Schedule a free car removal in Adelaide. Our removals are offered at times convenient for our customers, so there are no hassles.

With Car Wreckers Adelaide, we are your car buyer that wrecks and recycles your car for free. But, only after we put a cash payment into your hand and remove the car to bring back to our yard.

Get a top cash offer by calling Car Wreckers Adelaide at 08 8268 8820