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If you love being in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can’t get enough of the fresh mountain air, you know what you need to do for your next vacation, right? Why not visit as many destinations as possible where you can get your fill of mountain fun while traveling around in a motorhome hire?


Some countries will provide you with the opportunity to travel around to different mountains in a motorhome hire. For example, the U.S. boasts of quite a few mountain ranges that you may want to visit. Europe is a destination full of mountain ranges, so you could also consider road tripping around to visit some of the great mountains to be found there.


Not to be outdone by Europe and the U.S., Australia and New Zealand are also places that boast of amazing mountain experiences. Is all this talk about mountains getting you jumpy? Are you ready to start planning a mountaineering vacation?


The following destinations are only a few of the best places for mountain climbers who just want to get above it all by climbing some of the best mountains in the world:

1.Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is certainly breathtaking from afar and you can bet that it isn’t disappointing up close. As one of the world’s highest mountains and certainly the tallest in Africa, Kilimanjaro is impressive for mountain climbers, both beginners and advanced ones alike. Kilimanjaro is actually made up of three volcanoes (non-active) and the highest one reaches to 5,899 metres.

2.Iztaccihuatl, Mexico

One of the most iconic mountains in Mexico and located in front of an equally impressive volcano, Iztaccihuatl is a favorite mountain for locals and foreigners alike. Nicknamed the “sleeping lady”, she is a mountain that offers enough challenge for the seasoned mountain climber yet “easy” enough for the newbie. The one thing to watch out for when climbing Iztaccihuatl is to make sure to acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness.

3.Denali, Alaska

The tallest mountain in the U.S., Denali is for the climber who enjoys a classic climb. It is a favorite for many climbers but most people would advise against beginners trekking it on their own. After all, Denali is made up of several glaciers, which can put you in danger unexpectedly. If you don’t know how to climb glaciers, it’s best to climb with experienced climbers and guides. Mountain climbers with glacier experience will find it to be a challenge but a rewarding experience as well. If you aren’t familiar with altitude, you’ll want to train before you attempt climbing Denali. Denali National Park is an extremely beautiful park, so you can only imagine how rewarding a climb up Denali could be.

4.Grand Teton, Wyoming

Yet another impressive mountain, Grand Teton has as bold a name as the mountain itself. The Teton mountain range isn’t that long, but the peak rises above the surrounding landscape in an impressive way that even if you have years of climbing under your belt, it’s still promises a challenge if you’re only going of off its looks. It’s important to get acclimated before you climb Grand Teton, prepare well, and do the hike high and sleep low style of climbing. Are you up to the challenge?

5. Eiger, Switzerland

Definitely not for beginners, Eiger is an impressive mountain in the Bernese Alps. Eiger’s north face has gained a reputation for being one of the most dangerous mountains to climb in Europe and for this reason, you won’t be allowed to climb Eiger unless you know your stuff. You’ll want to make sure to bring all the necessary equipment, from crampons to ice screws and axes, etc.

In Conclusion

Mountain climbing is certainly a wonderful experience for those who are experienced. The thrill of leading yourself onward and ever upward is one that brings out the highest sense of self-satisfaction in many.

Yet climbing just any mountain is not a good idea if you’re new at it. If you’re experienced, you’ll find the above mountains to be worthy of your time, while some are more challenging than others.

For the beginner, one or two of the mountains on the list will be “easy” enough for you to get your feet wet trying. If you’re completely new at mountain climbing, start training in your local city. While you may not have a mountain to climb where you live, you could train your body for the challenges it will face. Or, consider taking trips to a city with mountains to explore nearby; easy mountains, that is.

Whether you live in New Zealand or you live in the U.S., a road trip centred around the idea of mountain climbing is a great way to start exploring the idea of mountain climbing. Pack up your motorhome hire and see where this journey will take you!