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  • Written by News Company

Moving to a new country is not an undertaking that is easy to do. There are lots of hoops that need to be jumped through and many different ways that you can qualify – and about just as many ways in which you can be rejected or turned down. Getting all your ducks in a row and doing the research is the first step and then finding people on the other side to act as your ambassadors in helping smooth the process over is the second step. Even then, there are no guarantees and the more delays there are the frustrating it is as your life is essentially placed in limbo until you finally get the nod to make the move to your new base. Regardless, here are a few tips to help with your research and to assist in making the process a little easier.


Make the move gradually

Sometimes it makes more sense not to move permanently. Instead, look to make the move in steps. Identify the country that you are wanting to relocate to and then see if you can find work opportunities there. Getting a work visa might be the way to go. Once you have that it gives you the opportunity to assess if the grass is really greener on the other side. And if it is switching your visa from a work one to a permanent resident’s one should be simple. In Australia for example all you would need to do would be to type something like ‘186 visa agent Sydney’ into a search engine and you will find an expert who can help facilitate the process for you. With an expert on your side converting a work Visa not a permanent one should be easy, especially if you have made a good impression at the company that hired you in the first place.


Take a vacation

Unless the need to move to urgent – like escaping from persecution or civil war, then take your time to assess the options. Make a short-list of places that could work for you from a relocation perspective and then takes trips there. Vacations even. The key here is to make sure that you are not picking something based on romantic ideas of what you think the country is. You need to see it and spend some time there to assess if it is a liveable place for you.


Distance is a factor

People move for many reasons – sometimes it is purely career motivated, other times it is to escape troubles at home, it could also be a necessity rather than a choice. But when moving remember that you are leaving your past and your connections behind. And while FaceBook is great for helping families and friends stay in touch, it is still not the same as seeing each other. Think about this when moving and know that a relocation from England to France is a whole lot easier than a move from England to Australia. England and France are just a 30-minute flight apart, so from a perspective of seeing grand-parents or cousins and such like it is a whole lot easier to manage. Travel wise and from a time-difference perspective.