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Automobile industry has ventured so far in the technology that in today’s time it is almost impossible to lock yourself out of your car. But if it does happen and there’s nothing you can think of to help you solve the problem, you should contact an automotive locksmith!


And in the event, this happens while you’re away from home, you should have someone who can help you with your vehicle’s lock and/or ignition in emergency situations. There are a number of automotive locksmiths in Brisbane, but one of the best and most well reputed emergency locksmiths in town is the Brisbane Emergency Locksmiths.

Getting Transponder Keys through Automotive Locksmiths

Most modern-day vehicles are now equipped with transponder keys. These keys are advanced technology that has allowed for a more secure way to protect vehicles from theft. Transponder keys have a microchip inside that communicates with the ECU of the vehicle and starts it if the code for the key matches the one that’s already programmed in the ECU.


Transponder keys undoubtedly have added convenience and security to modern day vehicles, but they also come with a drawback. Firstly, if the transponder key is lost, you cannot get into your own vehicle or start it. A duplicate transponder key comes at a high price unless an automotive locksmith can help you with one at subsidized rates.


Secondly, if your transponder key falls into the hands of someone you don’t know, they can have full access to your vehicle. In this event, it is necessary that you get a high-tech automotive locksmith to help you reprogram the ECU and change the transponder key code so that it doesn’t match the one from the lost key anymore.


A high-quality automotive locksmith provides you duplicate car keys, duplicate transponder keys, ignition reprogramming, rekeying and emergency lock-out assistance around the clock, 7 days of the week.


If you’re in Brisbane and have faced issues with your vehicle’s lock, ignition or keys in the past or fear that you might have to in the future, then you should keep the contact number of a high quality and well-established locksmith that operates in this area. One of the best automotive locksmiths who are available around the clock for emergency situations is Brisbane Locksmiths. You can contact us at 0404 532 049.