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For anyone traveling in the Syndey region, you would be highly advised to make a stop in the scenic and lively Coffs Harbour area. There are a number of great beaches and national parks within the area, and the drive in along the Waterfall Way is one of the most scenic stretches of road in the region. Situated just between Sydney and Brisbane, Coffs has long been a popular stopping off point for campervan hire travelers driving between the two cities with its abundance of views, activities, and majestic scenery. You will definitely want to keep this region on your bucket list for your Australia trip.


Coffs Harbour Marina and Jetty

This is one of the most famous marinas in the country and is located right on the edge of Coffs, making it easily accessible to anyone. Just beyond the jetty on Harbour Drive there are is an impressive collection of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a bite or a drink, as well as the water views. If you should be in town on a Sunday you can check out the farmer’s market and jetty market. There is a famous surfer’s break in the area as well, which you can view right from the jetty and check out the surfers doing their thing. Don’t forget about the sunsets either, which are stunning at this spot.

Muttonbird Island

This is one of the most scenic walks in the region, stretching from the breakwall to the Marina and beyond. The rugged sea cliffs and blazing green grass are stunning, not to mention the miles and miles of water stretching on past the horizon. There is some great bird watching to be had here, including the wedge-tailed shearwater, and the sunsets will take your breath away. This is easily one of the top scenic spots in the region.

Sawtell Beach

This small town is located just a short drive from Coffs and is a known as one of the most quant beach communities in the country. The downtown has many restaurants and cafes to choose from, and there are a number of great shops selling local crafts and products. If you’re after some fish and chips, then stop by Seasalt for some of the best in the region. The beaches here are fantastic and seem to stretch on forever, including Sailor’s Bay which has a sheltered island. If a picturesque beach town sounds like a good place to relax in the midst of your campervan hire trip, then Sawtell will certainly be the place for you.


This laid-back surfer town is just a 30-minute drive from Coffs Harbour on the Waterfall Way. The downtown is gorgeous with its massive trees and river running through the centre of town, and there is a definite bohemian vibe to the town. The cafes are plentiful and great, and the overall feel of the town is friendly, inviting, and colorful. The Bellington markets offer the largest outdoor market in the region and one of the best in Australia. This is a great example of the chill vibe of the region and a personification of the best qualities of the Coffs territory.

But on our recent visit to Bellingen the thing we liked most was visiting the Bellingen Markets which are one of the biggest and best regional markets in Australia.

Butterfly House

You don’t have to be traveling with children to enjoy the Butterfly Housem, an indoor tropical rainforest full of 400 butterfly species. For anyone looking to photograph these majestic insects, then this is the place where you can get to them up close. There is also an outside garden, including a maze, that is fascinating on its own for its lush vegetation and rare plant species.

Red Rock Beach

Red Rock is a gorgeous, small village just a half hour drive from Coffs Harbour. This is one of the most stunning beaches in the country and features panoramic views, stunning sunsets, large collections of seashells, and world class surf breaks. For decades this has been a secret favorite for many a traveler. In encompassing all of the aspects that make up the famous beaches in the country, Red Rock remains a true treasure.

Coffs Harbour puts you right in the heart of some of the most stunning coastline in the country. There is much to do here and many places to see, so you may wish to spend more than one day. Whether it’s the stunning sunsets, the quant beach towns, the wildlife, or the water views and beaches, there is a little something for anyone to fall in love with at Coffs Harbour. Make sure you consider if as a stop on your next campervan hire trip through the stunning NSW region on the Australian continent.